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Standard Horizon

Horizon Three-Knife Trimmer HT-80

Horizon Three-Knife Trimmer HT-80

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HT-80 Product Details:

The Standard Horizon HT-80 Three-knife Trimmer is designed for operation in-line with the Standard Horizon BQ-470, SB-07, and SB-09S perfect binders, or for use off-line. The HT-80 includes advanced set-up automation through a user-friendly 10.4” color touch-screen control panel to meet the requirements of the short run print-on-demand book market. After inputting the untrimmed and finished trim book sizes, automated adjustments include the infeed, jogging, and knife sections.

The HT-80 allows for trimming of variable thickness books, one after another, for true on demand book production. It can trim finished books from sizes ranging 5.5” x 3.9” up to 13.4” x 11.8”, with programmable memory for up to 200 different jobs, for instant recall of frequently-run jobs. Precision stepper motors accurately position all guides and clamps to insure professional quality cutting at speeds up to 1,000 cycles per hour. A uniquely designed servo-motor controlled jogging mechanism helps provide accurate book registration. The swing knife movement ensures sharp and accurate trims to produce a clean finished book, and a silicon spray unit is available to keep the knife clean during operation.

Key Features:

  • Touch Screen for Easy Operation
  • Jogging Section
  • Trimming Section
  • Automated Setup
  • Servo Motor Driven
  • High Quality Finishing
  • Book of One Production
  • In-Line Production
  • Bindery Control System

HT-80 Technical Specifications:

HT-80 Major Specifications
Untrimmed Book Size Max. 330 x 330 mm (13" x 13")
Max. 350 x 330 mm (13.78" x 13") (When Using the Optional C-80L)
Min. 145 x 105 mm (5.71" x 4.135") *Option parts are needed.
Trimmed Book Size Max. 300 x 300 mm (11.81" x 11.81") (When Using the Optional C-80L)
Max. 340 x 300 mm (13.385" x 11.81") (When Using the Optional C-80L)
Min. 139 x 99 mm (5.475" x 3.9") *Option Parts are Needed.
Standard Size Trimmed by Standard Accessory A5 / A4 (8.5" x 5.5" / 11" x 8.5")
Trimmings Width Top-bottom Max. 30 mm (1.18")
Fore-edge Max. 30 mm (1.18")
Trim Thickness 1 to 51 mm (0.04" to 2")
Clamp and Pressure Servo Motor
4 kN to 8 kN (10 kN depending on Condition)
Production Speed 400 to 1,000 cycles/hour
Voltage / Frequency 3-Phase 200 to 220 V, 50 / 60 Hz
3-Phase 380, 400, 415 V 50 Hz (Step down to 200 V by Transformer)
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Type Connected to off-line, SS-80, TD-80. Connected to SS-110.
Power Consumption 1.5kW 2.2 kW
Pressure 0.85 Mpa 0.85 Mpa
Discharge 160 Liters/min 260 Liters/min
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