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Ink-Readi from Varn Anti Skinning Spray

Ink-Readi from Varn Anti Skinning Spray

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Ink-Readi from Varn Skinning Spray

This item is sold individually in 11 oz. Cans. Order 12 for a full case.

Prevents skinning in cans and on ink rollers. Specialist anti-oxidant for all printing applications and press types. It really ruins your day when the ink in the fountain begins drying and develops that crusty layer like old cheese at a buffet. Eventually that hardened skin can be brought into the ink train and cause issues on the form rollers or blanket cylinder. The particles can cause hickeys or voids in the printing. 

Spray a blast of Ink-Readi over the open ink fountain and an oxide layer will form that prevents it from drying out. This will let you leave the ink in your fountain for longer without having to worry about issues in the press. This can of spray can save tons of time and supplies in the press room so it is well worth its cost.

Advantages of Ink Readi Spray

  • Contains no CFCs
  • Formulated with antioxidants
  • Will not effect ink drying
  • Does not contain wax
  • Suitable for use with sheetfed ink
  • Suitable for use with heatset web ink
  • Suitable for use with News and Packaging ink
  • Suitable for business form ink

Directions for User

Use in a well-ventilated area! Shake Container for 60 seconds and hold 6"-8" from ink pan, rollers, or ink can. Press button firmly. For prolonged protection repeat application.

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