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Martin Yale P7500 Paper Folding Machine

Martin Yale P7500 Paper Folding Machine

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The Martin Yale PL7500 Paper Folding Machine is a great productivity tool designed to streamline your paper folding. This folder can be an indispensable asset for small mailrooms, offices, churches, and other work sites. The compact design means it can fit conveniently on a desk top surface. This means it fits seamlessly into your workspace without occupying much room or forcing a change in room layout.

Martin Yale PL7500 Paper Folder Description

This PL7500 is capable of taking sets of 1-3 sheets (stapled or non-stapled) and automatically folds them when hand-fed. Its feed tray can accommodate up to 50 sheets, reducing the need for constant reloading and allowing you to focus on other tasks.

P7500 Fold Patterns

One of the standout features of the PL7500 Paper Folding Machine is its impressive speed. Capable of folding up to 4,000 sheets per hour, it transforms the tedious task of manual folding into a swift, effortless process. This not only saves you valuable time but also increases your productivity, making it an ideal solution for businesses that handle large volumes of paperwork.

The PL7500 is versatile, designed to handle both 8.5” x 11” letter size and 8.5” x 14” legal size papers. It can comfortably accommodate paper weights between 18 - 24 lb bond (68-90 gsm), ensuring a wide range of documents can be processed with ease.

Do I need a Paper Folding Machine?

Time is money. If you are finding yourself spending a lot of time folding paper then you would certainly benefit from using a paper folding machine. Gaining a few minutes every day can add up to a huge amount of gained productivity. Automating repetitive tasks is the best way to get more time for your core business.

This machine offers multiple fold types, including letter, half, Z-fold, and double parallel, providing you with the flexibility to choose the fold that best suits your needs. Whether you're preparing newsletters, brochures, invoices, or letters, the PL7500 delivers a professional finish every time.

To further enhance its user-friendly design, the PL7500 Paper Folding Machine comes with a stacking tray for convenient collection of folded documents. This means you can easily retrieve your documents once they're processed, keeping your workspace tidy and organized.

In today's fast-paced world, efficiency is key. The PL7500 Paper Folding Machine offers a practical, reliable solution to manual paper folding, freeing up your time for more important tasks. Experience the convenience and productivity boost that this machine brings to your daily operations.

Martin Yale PL7500 Paper Folder Specifications

Model P7500
Speed 4000 sheets/hour
Sheet Size 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14", A4
Paper Weight 68-90 gsm / 18-24 lb bond
Feed Type Automatic Feed
Tray Capacity 50
Manual Bypass Qty 3
Accepts Staples Yes
Power Supply 110/220V
Fold Types Letter, Half, Z-Fold, Double Parallel
Dimensions (in) 13” x 20” x 10.5”
Dimensions (cm) 33 x 51 x 27
Weight 17 lbs
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