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MBM 508A Automatic Tabletop Folder with LCD Touch Screen Panel and Custom Fold Memory

MBM 508A Automatic Tabletop Folder with LCD Touch Screen Panel and Custom Fold Memory

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Product Details:

The MBM 508A Automatic Tabletop Folder is a reliable folding machine designed for efficiency and precision. Equipped with a user-friendly LCD touch screen panel, this folder comes pre-programmed with 36 standard folds and allows for the storage of up to 24 custom folds in memory. The 4-digit addition and subtraction digital counter on the touch screen panel simplifies operation, while the test button enables quick inspection by folding 2 sheets. Fine adjustments to folding positions can be easily made via the LCD panel, ensuring accurate results every time.

This versatile folder eliminates the need for manual calculations, as it features paper feed pressure adjustment for consistent feeding and adjustable separator pressure. The interval function is particularly useful when folding multiple sets of sheets, while the double feed detection sensor prevents errors by stopping the machine when multiple sheets are detected. Additionally, a quick-release folding roller facilitates easy cleaning, prolonging the machine's lifespan and maintaining precise folding.

For enhanced functionality, the MBM 508A offers optional perforating, scoring, and kiss cut units that can be easily added to expand its capabilities. With automatic feed table elevation, delivery roller setting, and paper size recognition, this tabletop folder streamlines the folding process and ensures professional results every time. Experience efficiency and accuracy with the MBM 508A Automatic Tabletop Folder - a must-have for any office or print shop environment.

Technical Specifications

Speed Up to 14,400* Sheets/Hour
Paper Size 3.5" x 5" to 11" x 17"
Paper Weight 12 to 80 lbs
Sheet Capacity 500*
Electrical Requirements 115 V, 60 Hz
Dimensions 39.75" D x 21.5" W x 19.7" H
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