Morgana Major Folder - High-Performance Suction Feed Folding Machine

Morgana Major Folder - High-Performance Suction Feed Folding Machine

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Morgana Major Folder Overview:

The Morgana Major is a user-friendly suction feed folding machine crafted by Morgana to efficiently handle a diverse range of paper weights and fold types. With a proven track record of global installations, this folder showcases exceptional performance, value, and a host of standard features.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Suction Feeder: Capable of handling various paper weights and sizes for versatile folding capabilities.
  • Sheet Alignment: Side lay alignment ensures precise folding by preparing sheets before entering the folding process.
  • Curled Paper Control: Low-pressure suction chamber prevents curled paper from affecting the fold rollers' performance.
  • Enclosed Fold Plates: Equipped with 'dial-a-fold' and LED display, anti-static brushes, skew, and micro adjustments for accurate and customizable folds.
  • Perforating and Scoring Attachment: Plug-in feature for added functionality in perforating and scoring tasks.
  • Variable Speed: Allows flexibility in operation to suit different production requirements.
  • Work Tray: Convenient tray to catch output during perforating or scoring operations.
  • Delivery Belt Stacker: Long stacker belt for organized output stacking.
  • Counting & Batching: Enables precise counting and batching of folded materials for efficient workflow management.
  • Double Sheet Detection: Anti-jam detector ensures smooth operation by detecting double sheets to prevent jams.
  • Fold Rollers Replacement: Easily replaceable within five minutes by non-skilled personnel due to the single patented pull-out cassette design.

The Morgana Major is designed to meet the demands of modern printing processes, accommodating various paper characteristics and run lengths. Its durable construction, efficient operation, and ease of maintenance make it a reliable choice for businesses looking for high-quality folding solutions.

    Technical Specifications: 

    Maximum Sheet Size 674mm x 365mm
    Minimum Sheet Size 148mm x 140mm (94mm with optional narrow sheet attachment)
    Maximum Paper Weight 240gsm (varies according to material and grain direction)
    Minimum Paper Weight 56gsm
    Load Capacity 500 sheets 80gsm
    Maximum Number Programmed Applications 6
    Speed/Hour (A4) 0 to 27,000
    Dimensions L 1168mm x W 493mm x H 990mm
    Power Requirement 240v 50/60hz
    Options Electric rear delivery, narrow sheet guide
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