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Perfecta BPS Pressing Station

Perfecta BPS Pressing Station

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BPS-Pressing Station

The BPS-Pressing Stations remove the remaining air from between the sheets to increase cutting accuracy. The air effectively removed without any damage to the material. After using the pressing station, the ream can be transferred manually onto the cutter's front-table. As an alternative, the ream can be taken out of the pressing station by means of a gripper transport system, and then transferred onto the cutter's rear-table effortlessly. The BPS-Pressing Stations are solid and robust, designed to cope with the highest possible pressure.

  • Designed with stainless steel air-table
  • Solid clamping system
  • Side flap with pneumatic tilt
  • Adjustable pressing speed to expell difficult material
  • Features latest technology
  • Very comfortable operation
Sheet Format (mm) 770 x 1070 1050 x 1450 1250 x 1670
Maximum Ream Height (mm) 160 160 160
Connected Load (kVA) 2 2 2
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