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Standard Horizon

PF-40L Suction Feed Paper Folder

PF-40L Suction Feed Paper Folder

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Horizon's Standard PF-40L Suction Feed Paper Folder Product Details

Discover a high-performance paper folding solution that offers seamless air feeding and impeccable folding precision, even on glossy paper. The Standard Horizon PF-40L Suction Feed Paper Folder brings you quality and convenience with advanced paper handling features.

Power and Precision

Equipped with two fold plates, the PF-40L uses a state-of-the-art air feeder system perfect for feeding glossy paper and coated stock. Where friction feeders struggle, this paper folder excels, using air blowing and suction to separate sheets from the stack with ease. The PF-40L also includes a register board, driving your sheets to an accurately positioned rail and registering their position. This system ensures each sheet is perfectly squared, leading to precise and square folds every time.

User-Friendly Design

The PF-40L has been designed to ensure ease of use. Its control panel guides you through paper size and type selection. Once you've made your selection, fold plates are moved automatically, leaving the operator setup fully button-controlled. It also includes a delivery roller for catching the sheets as they exit the machine, ensuring a clean, finished pile of work.

Horizon PF-40 Features

  • Quick and Easy Setup: Automatically set-up sections by simply selecting sheet size and fold pattern.
  • High Capacity Feeder: Load up to 1,300 sheets of 64 gsm to reduce sheet loading during lengthy production runs.
  • Accurate Sheet Registration: Registration guides ensure accurate sheet transportation for high-quality folds.
  • Crisp, Tight Fold Quality: A unique combination of soft polyurethane foam rubber and steel rollers guarantees a tight, crisp fold quality.
  • High Capacity Delivery Conveyor: Neatly stacks folded sheets on the delivery conveyor for straightforward job handling.
  • Easy Maintenance: Fast and simple sheet jam removal and roller cleaning with a unique maintenance feature.

Superior Paper Folding Performance

The PF-40L marries high-volume suction feed capabilities with the intelligent automation that Standard Horizon products are famous for. Boasting the same suction feed system used on the popular VAC Collators and PF-P330 Folder, it ensures reliable, mark-free feeding from static-laden digitally printed sheets, as well as conventional prints.

This paper folder handles a broad paper size range, from 5” x 5” to 12.6” x 24.8”, and thicknesses from 13 lb. bond to 60 lb. cover without requiring pre-scoring or creasing. With a memory capacity for easy programming of ten unique fold patterns and/or non-standard sheet sizes, it operates at an impressive speed of 390 sheets per minute.

The MT-40L rolling base cabinet is included in the cost.

Horizon PF-40L Specifications

  • Sheet Size: Max. 320(W) x 630(L) mm, Min. 125(W) x 128(L) mm
  • Matrix Size: A3, A4, B4, B5
  • Sheet Weight Range: Normal Paper 52.3 to 157 gsm
  • Maximum Pile Height: Max. 105 mm (Ex. 1,300 sheets 64 gsm)
  • Fold Patterns: Single Fold, Double Parallel Fold, Short Fold, Accordion Fold, Letter Fold, Open Gate Fold
  • Production Speed: 270 sheets/min. (A3 Single Fold), 390 sheets/min. (A4 Single Fold)
  • Other Functions: Total Counter (Up to 9,999), Preset Counter (Up to 9,999), Preset Pause Counter
  • Voltage/Frequency: Single Phase 115 V, 50 / 60 Hz, Single Phase 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 115 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 520 W; 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 500 W
  • Machine Dimensions: Main Body: 1,560(W) x 630(D) x 770(H) mm, Pedestal with Wheel: 1,154(W) x 533(D) x 530(H) mm

*Design and specifications subject to change. For further information, contact us at 810-238-7370.

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