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Plockmatic BM4000 Series Bookletmaker

Plockmatic BM4000 Series Bookletmaker

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Plockmatic BM4035 / BM4050 Booklet Maker

The Plockmatic bookletmaking series has been updated from the ground up to meet the demands of digital printers. The BM4000 series replaces the BM3000 series. It is an offline booklet production machine. The system is modular with an optional VFX paper feeding section. 

A new kind of booklet maker that can produce A4 landscape or large format 297mm x 297mm books. Includes a corner and edge stapling function as standard.

The BM4000 is a versatile booklet maker designed to work with low to mid volume digital production printers. It delivers booklets of exceptional quality and is able to feed long printed sheets to produce a wide variety of applications, including A4 landscape booklets, which is becoming an increasingly important expectation of customers.

The BM4035 is the default configuration and is capable of stapling books up to 35 sheets. An optional upgrade to the BM4050 will enable stapling of 50 sheets. 

A Finishing Module will complete the booklet making process by trimming the face, head, and foot of the book. A patented corner squaring feature will square off the spine of the book for a high quality finished look that emulates a perfect bound book.

 The basic configuration with hand feed capability enables users to make booklets in the offline mode.

  • Heavy duty staple mechanism designed for durability. Maintenance free thanks to a patented solution that eliminates periodic service intervals.
  • Adjustable staple and fold position, The BM4000 series has a patented “set positioning mechanism” that allows the operator to adjust the staple position in the direction of travel, from the intuitive user interface.
  • The BM4000 series is designed for demanding environments that handle an average monthly volume of 30,000 booklets/month.
  • Operators can now compensate for skew caused when feeding long sheets, this can easily be adjusted in the color user interface on the fly.

A completely new design, two-in-one square folding and face trimming features in a single compact module. High performance quality square folding functionality ensures a high-quality booklet on a wide range of media and booklet thickness. With new trimming capabilities, the new, moving knife can cuts down to 3.89" long booklets in a single cut, speeding up the process to enables a wider range of trimming inline. This gives the operators booklet size flexibility without the need to handle custom sized paper. The FM4000 includes a book stacker in its standard version. The stacker can be folded down to allow virtually unlimited stacking capacity.

The Morgana VFX is a two tray high capacity Vacuum Feeder, capable of efficiently feeding a wide range of paper types and weights up to 15,000 sheets per hour. It’s equipped with highly automated vacuum feed technology specifically designed to handle the widest range of pre-printed media. The Automatic Tray Switching feature enables long unattended runs and enables the loading of empty trays during a run to achieve maximum productivity.

The main sections of the Morgana VFX are the two loading trays. Each tray is equipped with vacuum feed technology and two High capacity 5400 sheet Vacuum feeder with 2 tray configuration for optimum productivity types of double sheet detection sensors. Anti-static bars are available as an optional addition to the machine and are highly recommended for use in static environments or non-climate controlled environments where humidity is low.

The VFX contains two vacuum paper trays. Each tray has a capacity of 2700 sheets (20 lb. bond paper) for a total machine capacity of 5400 sheets, and is capable of feeding stock up to 25.98" long and 13.97" wide, in this configuration with the BM4000 max supported sheet size is 12.59" x 25.98". Curled media is a challenge for any feeding system. The VFX has an enhancing feeding performance, specifically designed to handle media that has curled.

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