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Standard VIVA Inspection Systems - Vision-Based Production Management Tool

Standard VIVA Inspection Systems - Vision-Based Production Management Tool

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VIVA Product Description:

The Standard VIVA Inspection Systems are advanced vision-based production management tools tailored for comprehensive inspection across various equipment like Standard Horizon perfect binders, saddlestitchers, bookletmakers, folders, and Standard KAS inserters. This integrated system ensures a meticulous audit trail for package assembly, especially crucial for documents containing personal or sensitive information.

Key Features:

  • Complete Inspection Capability: Offers automated full-time assembly inspection to eliminate errors.
  • Quality Control: Ensures integrity and assembly adherence to objective rules.
  • Efficiency Enhancement: Enhances quality, integrity, and efficiency in digital production environments.

The VIVA system seamlessly integrates into your production process, providing verification of quality and efficiency essential in today's digital landscape. Post-run, it automatically collects production data such as total materials produced, errors, operator details, and more. This information can be stored locally or sent to networked destinations for further analysis or integration with third-party workflows.

Additional Modules:

  • VIVAstitch: Enables sheet-level and set-level integrity checking on Standard Horizon HOF high-speed sheet-feeder and SP-series or StitchLiner saddlestitchers.
  • VIVAbind: Equips Standard Horizon BQ-470 perfect binders with cameras and software to ensure book blocks and covers match accurately.
  • VIVAfold: Integrates with Stanadard Horizon AF-series folder for comprehensive folded signature checks.
  • VIVAmail: Compatible with Standard KAS inserting systems for sheet and set level integrity checks, machine control, and matching from other feeders.

Enhance your production process with the precision and reliability of Standard VIVA Inspection Systems for quality control, tracking, and reporting of personalized documents.

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