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Varn Fountain Pure Filter for Solvent | Extend Solution Life; Improve Print Quality

Varn Fountain Pure Filter for Solvent | Extend Solution Life; Improve Print Quality

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Product Details:

Enhance your printing process with the Varn Fountain Pure Filter designed for solvents. This innovative filter is a game-changer in extending the life of fountain solutions, reducing environmental impact, and improving print quality. By utilizing the Varn Fountain Pure Filter, you can effectively clean debris and contaminants from solvents, allowing for recycling and reuse. Industrial manufacturers can benefit from this filter to maintain a solvent recycling program that minimizes chemical waste and promotes environmental sustainability.

Advantages of Using FountainPure Filters:

  • Extends the life of fountain solution, reducing environmental impact.
  • Reduces product consumption and simplifies waste disposal.
  • Ensures greater environmental compliance.
  • Enhances print quality by eliminating impurities and contaminants.
  • Maintains press stability during long print runs.
  • Decreases press maintenance requirements and enhances cleanliness.
  • Minimizes residue buildup in trays, sump, and on rollers.

Varn FountainPure Filter Specifications:

  • Part Number: 17600EA
  • Application: Sheetfed Presses
  • Micron Size: 40

Elevate your printing efficiency and environmental responsibility with the Varn Fountain Pure Filter. Experience extended solution life, improved print quality, and enhanced environmental compliance with this cutting-edge filtration solution. Optimize your printing process today!

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