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Varn Fountain Pure Filter for Solvent

Varn Fountain Pure Filter for Solvent

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Varn FountainPure Filters

A filter for solvents can help extend their life. The Varn Fountain Pure Filter can be used to clean debris and contaminants out so the solvent can be recycled and used again. Almost every industrial manufacturer operates a solvent recycling program to reduce chemical waste and protect the environment. 

By processing your fountain solution through a Varn Fountain Pure filter you can extend fountain solution life. The filter removes contaminants and extends the replenishment cycle. This leads to less product consumption and easier waste disposal for greater environmental compliance. You'll dramatically increase print quality by removing impurities that cause scumming, tinting, hickeys and premature plate wear. Gain better conductivity control over longer press runs. Reduced press maintenance. Fountain solution is maintained at the same level of cleanliness as fresh solution, resulting in less residue in the trays, recirculators and dampening rollers.

Advantages of Using FountainPure Filters

  • Extends the life of fountain solution, reducing environmental impact
  • Less product consumption and easier waste disposal
  • Greater environmental compliance
  • Improves print quality by reducing impurities and contaminates
  • Keeps press stable during long print runs
  • Reduces press maintenance and improves cleanliness
  • Reduces residue buildup in trays, sump, and on rollers

Varn FountainPure Filter Specifications

  • Part Number: 17600EA
  • Application: Sheetfed Presses
  • Micron Size: 40
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