Horizon iCE Link Monitoring Software

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iCE LiNK Access Portal

Please note that this access portal is only for users who have iCE LiNK enabled equipment that has been activated on the iCE LiNK network. If you have iCE LiNK equipment that is not activated for monitoring, please contact your local dealer. This usually requires running an iCE LiNK edge application somewhere on the local network to collect the data and connecting the iCE LiNK machines to the network.

iCE LiNK Equipped Models

These models come out-of-the-box equipped with iCE LiNK and only need to be activated. There is no additional hardware required.

Model Compatible Panel Version
Horizon StitchLiner Mark V Yes All
Horizon StitchLiner Mark IV Yes All
Horizon BQ-500 iCE Binder Yes All
Horizon AFV-56k iCE Folder Yes All
Horizon HT-300 iCE Trimmer Yes All

Horizon iCE Compatible Models

These models are compatible with iCE LiNK with the addition of network interface equipment. Each model will have to be upgraded with a kit to be able to communicate.

Model Compatible Version
AF-406F/406S Yes 2.10
AF-408F Yes 2.20
AFC-564AKT Yes 1.60
AFC-566AKT Yes 2.65
AFC-566F Yes 3.20
AFC-744A/744S Yes 3.25
AFC-746S/746D Yes 3.25
AFC-746F Yes 1.30
AFV-56 Yes 1.46
APC-610 Yes 1.36
BQ-270V Yes 1.00
BQ-280PUR Yes 1.47
BQ-470 Yes 1.50
BQ-480 Yes 1.21
BQ-500 Yes 1.50
CRA-36 Yes 1.60
CRF-362 Yes 1.71
HCB-2 Yes 1.48
HT-30C Yes 1.00
HT-300 Yes 1.99
HT-80 Yes 1.02
HT-110 Yes 1.17
HT-1000V Yes 1.68
SB-09S Yes 1.00
SB-17 Yes 1.00
SB-09V/VF Yes 7.65
SMSL Yes 1.59
SPF-200L/200A Yes 7.05
StitchLiner 5500(SPF-30/30S) Yes 7.22
StitchLiner 6000(SPF-30/30S) Yes 8.07
StitchLiner MarkⅢ(SPF-40) Yes 1.28
RD-4055 Yes 1.53