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Foliant Vega 400A 2UP Single Sided Laminator

Foliant Vega 400A 2UP Single Sided Laminator

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Foliant Vega 400A Single Sided Laminator

The Foliant Vega 400A is laminating machine for industrial use. The machine is purpose built for single sided lamination of paper and board products. It can handle larger sheet sizes and incorporates a feeder and a bursting section.

Laminate of various types can be loaded for use in this machine. The laminate tension can be adjusted to control the curl of finishes sheets. Single sided lamination is commonly used in perfect binding, post cards, and any other application where printed materials need to survive rough handling.

Digitally printed material is perfectly suited to the Foliant product line. The high level of control over the lamination and bursting process lets an operator tailor the operation to fit materials that are typically difficult to laminate. 

Foliant Vega 400A Specifications

Maximum Lamination Speed: 59 ft / min
Maximum Performance: 2100 14" x 20" SPH
Feeding: Automatic
Feeding System: Vacuum Belt
Feeder Load Capacity: 11"
Overlaps: In-Run Adjustable
Overlaps Accuracy: +/- 2mm (0.08")
Separation: Automatic Bump Rollers
Paper Weight: 115 - 500 gsm
Main Roller Pressure: Pneumatic
Integrated Compressor: Standard
Maximum Sheet Size: 14.9" x 25.9"
Minimum Sheet Size: 7.8" x 11.8"
Warm-up Time: 8 Minutes
Temperature Control: 176° - 284° F
Power Supply:  1 ph. 230-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 3150 Watts
Floor Space (Including Jogger): 32" x 77.9"
Weight:  815 lbs.
Non-Sticky Pressure Pad: Standard
Twin Decurl Bar, In-Run Adjustable: Standard
Jogger 400:  Optional
Reception Unit RU400: Optional
Pneumatic Separation: Optional
Air Shaft: Optional

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