Collection: Hunkeler Continuous Feed Equipment

Welcome to MSL's collection of Hunkeler equipment, the pinnacle of excellence in continuous feed and digital print products. Hunkeler, a premier Swiss manufacturer, excels in designing machines that handle large rolls of paper with utmost precision and efficiency. These machines are custom-engineered to each customer's needs and used in high production environments alongside digital printers.

The Hunkeler product line offers a range of solutions, from roll-to-roll production, a common choice for inkjet printing, to roll-to-fold or roll-to-book production lines that allow for inline finishing. The quality of Hunkeler's paper handling equipment is crucial in these high stakes environments to keep your expensive press running smoothly and efficiently.

Maximize the speed of your press by running roll to roll around your print engine. Consider setting up a second roll production line to finish pre-printed rolls without interrupting the print cycle. Whether it's drying rolls or staging them without halting other tasks, Hunkeler's versatile equipment helps keep your operations running seamlessly.

Our selection includes the remarkable Hunkeler Generation 8 roll to stack solution, offering fully variable book thicknesses and formats. This solution perfectly complements our Standard Horizon paper finishing equipment, and for specialized booklet making needs, the Horizon iCE Stitchliner Mark V.

At MSL, we pride ourselves on providing not only top-tier equipment but also outstanding service and support for all Hunkeler products in our area.

We are also proud attendees of Hunkeler Innovation Days 2023, their annual trade show in Switzerland, where the latest advancements and concepts in the field are showcased. Our participation in the 2023 event has deepened our understanding of Hunkeler products and the future of the industry.

Discover the MSL Hunkeler collection today and elevate your production capabilities with continuous feed and digital print solutions."

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Hunkeler Equipment