Collection: Automatic Paper Folders

Paper Folding and Creasing Machines

Paper folders are a fundamental part of any printing production. There are buckle folders and knife folders. There are paper folders with friction feeders or air feeders. Some can have multiple numbers of fold plates and there are even some with right angle attachments.

Creasing is often required when folding paper. Some papers will tend to crack along the folded edge and creasing will completely eliminate the problem. Creasing is sometimes done in a separate machine or you can use a combination creaser folder machine.

Buckle folders use a fold plate and a stop to create the fold. Sheets hit a stop and buckle into spinning rollers. Alternatively knife folders use a timed knife to push a sheet into spinning rollers. Buckle folders and knife folders are both effective methods for folding paper at high speed. In the US market buckle folders are more common although there are knife folders and machines that utilize both. 

Feeders on paper folders are an important part of the whole process. Paper feeders fall into two main varieties, friction and air. Friction feeders use a rubber wheel to lift the top sheet off of the pile. They are probably the most common type of feeder and the least expensive. They struggle to feed coated stocks or glossy papers. For those types of stock you should use an air feeder.

Buying a folder sounds simple right? Think again. Paper folding machines come in all shapes and sizes. There are numerous variations on the types of folds that can be done even within the same category of folding equipment. Terms like knife-fold and buckle-fold might be well known in the industry, but if you're just learning about folders, it's all just jargon. If you are new to paper folding machines, we understand that you might have a lot of questions, and you obviously buy the right folding machine for your application. Read up on our site to learn more and if you still have questions just reach out to our sales department at 1-800-343-4231.