Collection: Graphic Whizard


Graphic Whizard, based in Ontario, Canada, is the industry's favorite manufacturer and supplier of creasing, numbering, scoring, perfing, slitting and UV coating machines. The Creasemaster product line of pneumatically driven scoring dyes changed the markets standards for quality of folded digital work. The elimination of toner cracking along folded edges has been something the market needed. Graphic Whizard represents a line of numbering machines, with rotary accessory holders for perfing, scoring, and slitting along with numbering. This versatile machine revolutionized the way forms are finished.

In recent years Graphic Whizard has come to represent a full line of ultraviolet paper coaters. With small format machines all the way up to large landscape format spot coating machines the final finish of documents is in good hands.

In this section you will find parts and accessories for the Graphic Whizard product line. Please double check your part numbers when you make your order. If you need help identifying the parts for your machine please call our technical staff from Monday to Friday 8AM to 5PM EST at 1-800-343-4231 (from within the USA) or 1+(810) 238-7370 (international).